Our Story

We are the luxury that arises from the hands of our floral artisans. Our products represent our spirit to make love blossom. We have the privilege of representing the roses of a country, Colombian luxury.

About Me

Melina Florez is not only the founder of the brand that bears her name. She is a Colombian with a degree in Accounting and a master’s degree in Finance, who became passionate about roses in 2013, the year in which she advised the Colombian floricultural guild. Today, 10 years later, she is still chasing dreams and making them bloom. 


“Making dreams bloom” implies that there is always hope for those who seek, are brave and make an effort.

Our Approach

At MELINA FLOREZ Floral Boutique, our love for flowers is our reason for being. From the first light of day, we immerse ourselves in a world of petals and fragrances, carefully selecting the most exquisite flowers to delight our customers. 

We work with prestigious Colombian roses, a symbol of beauty and elegance, taking care of every detail to convey all the love and passion we carry in our hearts. In each floral arrangement and box, you will find the reflection of our dedication and the commitment to offer you the best of our homeland. Let yourself be enveloped by the magic of MELINA FLOREZ and discover the charm of our floral creations. Let us be part of your most special moments!

Immerse yourself in the floral beauty with Melina Flórez, creator of unique and original designs for unforgettable events, photo sessions, inspiring spaces, and dream weddings.

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