Why are Colombian flowers some of the most attractive in the World?

For the past ten years, Colombian flowers have been recognized as leaders in the flower export market. But, why? What are their characteristics making them so competitive? In this article, we will discuss these matters.

According to FedEx, one of the biggest transportation companies in the world, in February, especially on Valentine’s day, Colombia exported around 1.100.000kg of flowers to the United States, meaning an 8% increase compared to the amount of exported flowers during 2023. Additionally, the ICA (Colombia Agricultural Institute) mentioned in an article that Colombia occupied the second place in the ranking of the flowers exporting countries. Why are Colombian flowers so attractive  worldwide?

Colombia has more than 520 flower species and 1.600 varieties being produced, especially in Bogotá and Antioquia. The ecosystems diversity, including but not limited to wetlands, paramos, plains, coasts, mountains and plenty of rivers, have created perfect conditions for flowers to grow.  This diversity make companies turn their eyes into America’s territory.  According to the Ministry of Commerce of Colombia, United States is the principal client, in particular  of roses. During 2024, ICA has emitted more than 20.000 certificates to export pompon flowers to world’s major power. The latter is possible due to the strategic location of the Miami International Airport (it takes a couple of hours by plane to transport from Colombia to the U.S.). In Fact, this airport processes 187.000 tons of fresh- picked flowers every day, according to Procolombia.

Another reason worth mentioning  is the extraordinary beauty of these species. “The flowers produced in the Country of Beauty represent the joint effort: the detail that is put into the product by laborious hands, the patience of thousands of women and scientific development. All this behind so much beauty that leaves the country for the world”, indicated Jhenifer Mojica, Agriculture minister in Colombia.

In adittion, in Colombia there are exclusive flowers being produced, for example: orchids, carnations, chrysanthemum flower, alstroemerias, hydrangeas, platanillo, lilies, amongothers.

Undoubtedly, the diversity of ecosystems, the closeness between Colombia and the United States, the flower’s beaty forms, and the important variety of flower species produced in Colombia, represent just some reasons  that explain why Colombian flowers are some of the most attractive flowers worldwide, especially to the U.S.. This is a market that, will definitely continue growing and enchanting more countries in the world.


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